energy efficient impact windows in Miami
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Make Your Small Business an Energy Star!

Not only is becoming an energy star a good idea because using less energy is better for the environment, but it will also save your business a lot of money in the long run. No one understands that better than Florida Engineered Glass. Offering only the best energy star rated windows and doors, our doors and windows are also impact which only adds to their benefits. Below we will go over the many benefits included with both our impact front doors and energy efficient impact windows and how they will help you become an energy star and save you loads of money. Miami based businesses take note because you’re not going to want to miss this. 


Energy Efficient Impact Front Doors

  • Natural Lighting
    • With most storefront doors being made of glass, you can easily cut down on the amount of lights you need to have running in the day if your building is flooded with natural light. Not only is natural light cheaper than artificial light, but it provides more health benefits like providing vitamin D and typically makes products look better than that of artificial lighting. 
  • Slow Down Fading 
    • One drawback of all that natural light is how the sun’s rays cause items to fade and discolor. If your business is one that carries high value items that tend to stick around for a while this can be disastrous. Luckily energy efficient windows have a special coating that works almost like sunscreen that will cut down on fading and discoloration as much as seventy five percent.
  • Break Ins
    • Our impact doors are made with two layers of glass meaning it is significantly harder for a burger to break in. Kicking in two layers of glass is near impossible and by the time someone would be able to do it with the proper tools, they’d have spent far too much time doing so and would likely be caught. Any thief who knows you have impact doors will likely not want to bother with your store, making them a great deterrent. 


Energy Efficient Impact Windows Benefits

  • Reduce Heat Gain in the Summer
    • Typical windows let in about 75% of the sun’s heat in the summer, meaning most businesses need to employ fans, air conditioners or get central air installed. With doors being constantly opened and closed it can be very difficult to keep your business cool in the summer. Energy efficient windows cut down on this heat gain significantly without cutting down on the amount of light you receive, meaning you won’t have to waste as much electricity trying to keep your business cool or have to lose out on natural light. 
  •  Keep Your Business Warmer in the Winter
    • Energy efficient and impact windows are designed to be better insulated meaning heat won’t escape as easily. Additionally the interior glass stays warmer too meaning you can stand or sit near a window without feeling as chilly as normal windows tend to be cold to the touch and radiate cold. 
  • Added Protection
    • Florida is the hurricane state which means it is important to have windows that aren’t going to break easily from either high winds or debris being thrown against them. Our Impact windows have two layers of glass as well as high-grade aluminum framing. You won’t need to replace our windows anywhere near as much as a regular one and you certainly won’t need to board up your windows either.


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