custom impact glass in Miami
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Have a Custom Impact Glass Need? We Can Do It!

If you live in Miami, FL, then it’s likely that you’re at least a little familiar with hurricane season. Even if you haven’t sat through a big hurricane, you’ve probably heard people telling you that you should board your windows with plywood or tape them for safety during the storm. We at Florida Engineered Glass have seen this happen all the time, but don’t rely on those methods to keep you safe because there’s a good chance they won’t. The best form of hurricane protection is to install custom impact glass windows instead. We’ve helped many homeowners with impact window Miami installations, and the truth is it’s far more effective at withstanding hurricane winds while also keeping your family safe, which is what’s most important.


What Are Impact Windows?

Basically, impact windows are two sheets of glass with a layer of PVB plastic between them, not unlike the windshield of your car. What this means is that if loose objects were to fly at your window, the outer layer of glass may develop spider cracks, but the durable, PVB plastic will prevent the debris from flying completely through. These are windows designed specifically for hurricanes and are aggressively tested to ensure that they have the strength to withstand the wind and debris.


Custom Impact Glass and Other Services

When it comes to hurricane protection, we’re here to help ensure that your home stays safe with custom impact windows and doors. We offer high-quality impact door and window installation as well as a personalized customer service experience. Whatever you need when it comes to glass, we can handle it. These services include:

  • Doors
    • Whether you need customized impact glass for your french doors, sliding glass doors, storefront doors, or other kinds of doors, we can help you with installation. Looking for other glass services, like shower door installation? We can do that too.
  • Windows
    • Like with doors, we offer many different options of window installation services. Whether it’s custom awning windows, storefront windows, casement windows, sliding windows, or more, we can help install flawless windows that will not only help you stay safe in the stormy season, but look amazing too.
  • Other Services
    • We offer more options than just customized impact glass options. Whether it’s repairs for stucco or drywall, permit processing, wind pressure calculations, window sill replacements, or more, we have you covered. Home improvement is our middle name.


Contact Us for Impact Window Miami Installation

For us in Florida, staying safe during hurricane season is a major task of importance, which is why you should abandon the idea of relying on plywood or tape for safety and considering custom impact glass instead. At Florida Engineered Glass, we have the experience and know-how to give you flawless impact glass windows as well as a quick and easy impact window Miami installation process. We know how to ensure your home is the safest it can be, so contact us today and learn more about how impact glass windows can help protect you.