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Create a Sleek Look On Your Commercial Building With Curtain Wall Windows

Due to the fact that the allure of urban life has only become greater, designers and developers need to find a way to accommodate an increasing population within the limits of cities which already exist. Space restrictions mean building up rather than out, while still providing inviting and well-built condos, offices, and commercial spaces. Curtain and window wall systems provide a popular choice as they are a popular choice since they add design interest to architecture, and they also allow for optimal light throughout a building’s space. Read on to learn more about the curtain wall system in order to make a choice for your commercial building. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents rave about. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your impact window needs today!


Pros of A Curtain Wall


A curtain wall is a glazed wall system that is hung off a concrete slab through anchors. Curtain walls are self-supporting and provide a building’s exterior the aesthetic of top to bottom glass. This type of wall is most often utilized on commercial buildings, and curtain walls are generally installed from the outside of a building using cranes or rigs. Curtain wall installation is a complex process and can be one of the most expensive systems to install compared to other systems. If installed the right way, curtain wall systems will offer excellent structural integrity, as there are fewer mullions and joints required when compared to the majority of window wall systems. Curtain walls act as a single unit, and are extremely resistant to moisture, wind, heat, and earthquakes. This means that a curtain wall not only provides a safe barrier from outside elements, but requires extremely little maintenance. 


Curtain Wall System Benefits


There are many advantages of a curtain wall. Florida Engineered Glass Corp., who provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents trust, will discuss the following benefits of having a window wall. Not only are there advantages such as customizability, ease of installation, and cost savings, window walls also have the added benefits of less engineering and safety considerations such as if the exterior wall becomes broken up by each floors’ concrete slab, providing built-in fire stopping capabilities. On top of all of these benefits, the separation of every single window wall unit ends up creating a sealed space where there is less noise transfer and energy loss. Moreover, if a unit is damaged and requires repair that the specific unit is able to be removed and replaced without affecting the adjoining units. Curtain walls are able to keep our air and water from the building, essentially functioning as both a buffer and an insulator. This means that buildings which have curtain walls are easier and will be able to last longer in general, as they have this additional protective shield that is built into the wall in question. 


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Through a curtain wall system, you can reap many benefits for your commercial building such as aesthetics and insulation. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents believe in. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your impact window needs!