contemporary front door services in Miami
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Contemporary Front Door Services In Miami

Are you planning to invest in a contemporary front door? Styles and practicality are two vital factors you must consider. Why? First, your modern front door must perfectly blend well with the design and architecture of your home. In addition to buying a front door that complements the style of your home, your new door must also enhance your home’s security. When these two factors are present, then a homeowner can comfortably say: “I got value for money!” In this article, we have explained how you can end up with the right contemporary front door. As a company that delivers the best contemporary front door services in Miami, Florida Engineered Glass Corp. has explained specifications to look for when considering a modern front door.

The Best Contemporary Front Door Services In Miami

We understand that your front door is a true reflection of your style and must add to your home’s curb appeal. That is why we deliver the best contemporary front door installation services that help achieve this feat. We pride ourselves in providing a vast array of styles and sizes that work well with any home’s architecture. Our products are sturdy, secure, and of course, trendy! Our front doors create a stylish, clean, and more sophisticated look for your home. Whether you have an idea of what style and type to pick or not, our experts at Florida Engineered Glass Corp. will navigate you through the options we have.

Specific Details Of A Contemporary Front Door

Below are specific details of a contemporary front door:

  • Maximum Size- The maximum size for single doors is 52 by 144 inches, while the maximum size for double doors is 101 by 144 inches.
  • Lock System- Contemporary front doors come with a quality Sentinel lock system which might include lever handles and decorative backplates.
  • Finishes- They come with custom powder-coated finishes and varying wood grain colors.
  • Customization- Custom hardware and handles
  • Availability of Lo-Rise Sill and Standard Sill for thin floors. ADA Sill for commercial purposes.
  • Commercial lock system with pull handles.
  • 9/16 inches laminated impact, 7/16 inches impact glass, and 1-inch impact glass.

Further, contemporary front doors come in triangles, squares, and rectangles. Incorporating these styles into your entry design is a sure way to capture visitor’s attention or those walking by. If you are looking for simple, inexpensive ways to spice up the look of your home, these doors will do the magic for you.

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