condo door replacement in Miami
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Codes & Standards For Condominium Window & Door Replacement

In need of new doors or windows for your condominium? Well, before you go out and just buy any new replacement, Miami has a few rules you need to make sure you abide by before you make any purchases. Here at Florida Engineered Glass we don’t want you to waste your time and money on windows and doors that aren’t up to code, so we’ve put together a list on all the important features you’ll need to pass inspection. Then once you understand what you need, get the hurricane windows and doors Miami locals trust at Florida Engineered Glass. We have all your window and condo door replacement needs here. 


Condo Window Rules

  • All Buildings Must have an Egress Window or Hatch
    • What this means is each building needs to have an emergency escape. The escape needs to be openable without a key or tool from inside. This can be a window, a hatch or any other type of emergency exit that isn’t a door. The point is to make sure you always have an escape in case of flooding, a fire or any other incident that would prevent you from leaving your home through the normal exit.
  • Fall Protection
    • For windows that are able to be opened and closed that are installed more than 72 inches above the surface of the exterior of a building must have special precautions in case they fall out such as window fall prevention devices.
  • Missile Test
    • With hurricanes and strong winds common, all condo doors need to be strong enough to not shatter from flying debris or violent winds. The glass must be glazed and pass both a small missile and large missile test in order to be used.

Condo Door Replacement Rules

  • 40 Year Rule
    • All buildings larger than single family homes, duplexes, and minor structures must be inspected forty years after their construction and then again every ten years after that. This is to make sure all parts of the building are still up to code including any doors.
  • The Turtle Code
    • Artificial lighting can confuse hatchling sea turtles and as such all glass in doors or windows must have a special coating to help reduce the amount of light exiting buildings. Baby turtles use the light of the moon to guide them to the sea but other competing artificial lights can trick them into walking toward a building instead of the sea.
  • Wind Debris Region
    • Depending on where your condo is located you may fall into a wind debris region meaning you’ll need extra protection for your doors. This might be as little as adding extra glazing on your glass or even require additional shutters be installed.


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