burglar proof doors in Miami
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Prevent Theft At Your Store With Impact Storefront Doors & Windows

One thing all business owners need to be prepared for is the possibility of theft. Burglary is no joke. It comes without warning and can be financially devastating. Taking precautions against burglary is a must, which is why you should consider investing in burglar proof doors. Here in Miami, we at Florida Engineered Glass have helped install impact front doors for many homeowners and businesses. This isn’t just to stand against hurricanes, but also help defend against invasions. Curious how? Let us share what we know.


What is Impact Glass?

Regular glass, as many of us know, is rather fragile. It doesn’t take much force to break it, and when broken, regular glass shatters into sharp pieces. This also creates an unwanted entrance and exit inside the building. Impact glass is designed to be far stronger and more resistant than regular glass, meaning it’s harder to break. Additionally, when enough force is applied to the window, impact glass will not shatter to pieces. Instead, it will hold together and resist completely falling apart.


There are different kinds of impact glass that offer different functions at different price points. Laminated glass, for example, is comprised of two sheets of glass separated by an inner layer of PVC plastic. Because of this, it’s significantly harder to break through the glass completely. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is less expensive, but isn’t as protective as laminated. This is because tempered glass, while stronger and more durable than normal glass, can still shatter. The difference is that the shattered glass is much safer–breaking into cubes instead of sharp shards.


Why Invest in Burglar Proof Doors?

Because impact glass is so durable and holds its place even when enough force is applied, it makes for a fantastic line of defense for your business. The glass is designed to withstand the force of a hurricane while also standing strong against loose debris that could end up flying toward your windows at high speeds. If a loose coconut can’t make it through your impact front doors, even with the help of hurricane winds, it will be very difficult for an invader to do any better. Impact glass essentially eliminates the easiest method of burglary: breaking the glass. This will strongly deter would-be burglars from easily breaking into your building and compromising your products. The best part about impact glass doors and windows is that you get to protect your business from both burglary and extreme weather. 


Contact Us for Impact Front Doors in Miami

Protecting your home or business with impact glass is extremely important. At Florida Engineered Glass, we can offer options of tempered, laminated, or laminated insulated glass. We can also provide high-impact acrylic polycarbonate upon request for custom-made orders. If you run a business, don’t be caught without burglar proof doors when it’s too late. If you own a home or business in Miami, and need to reinforce your space with impact glass, contact us today. We will help keep your home safe.