Hurricane Glass Windows
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Hurricane Glass Windows Can Save You Money on Home Insurance

Who doesn’t love saving money on insurance? The experts at Florida Engineered Glass Corp know how to make that happen. Our answer: hurricane glass windows. Since we are in the winter months, now is the best time to incorporate these powerful windows into your home before storm season hits in the summer. We promise our customers will not be disappointed by our impact window Miami.


It is the Time to Save Money

No matter where you live in the state, it is appropriate to take a look at your homeowner’s insurance policy. You need to be fully aware of what type of coverage you have and whether or not you need additional protection from hurricanes. If you are a homeowner who lives near the beaches, you must consider hurricane insurance. If this is the case, check to see what discount you may be eligible for. You can trust our impact window Miami.


Discounts for Hurricane Glass Windows

If you don’t own them already, consider implementing a hurricane glass window. In hurricane-prone areas like Miami, this safety step will mitigate damage and insurance costs, so insurance agents often offer savings for such upgrades. Some hurricane-risk areas even legally require that protected home discounts be available to homeowners.


Windows are one of the most cost-effective updates to the home, and they generally earn the highest return on insurance discounts. This is because openings in the home are some of the most vulnerable points, and the glass from a broken window poses an additional threat. So, by updating them, you are reducing the potential damage insurers will have to pay for.


We suggest you contact your insurer before you make home upgrades to discuss what you will need to do to qualify for discounts, as the requirements and value will vary depending on where you live and which insurer you use.


Installing impact-resistant windows can save you a few hundred dollars a month, or even more than $10,000 per year, depending on your area and your insurance provider. On top of that, these types of changes will keep your home more protected against costly repairs from hurricane damage. If you update all home openings to be reinforced or hurricane-proof, you can often get a much larger discount for the combined strength. Sometimes you can cut your premiums almost in half.


We even suggest installing hurricane-resistant doors. These will help keep winds from adding more wind forces to your home, as well as garage door and skylight upgrades, and retrofitting of other potential leak points. Your insurer can tell you what the requirements are for your home.


The insurance discounts will continue annually, after a 1-time expense to reinforce your home. Talk to your insurance provider, and calculate the overall savings per year compared to the cost of the updates. Often, you will find they pay for themselves quickly, as you continue to save money.


Install Our Impact Window Miami

At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we genuinely care about the safety of your home and family. We also want to ensure that you get the discounts you deserve with hurricane glass windows. We offer the best hurricane windows and doors Miami, Florida! Our variety of impact products will keep you satisfied and your house protected.  When it comes time to prepare for the next hurricane, get a step ahead of the game and call us for a free estimate on our impact window installation.

We look forward to protecting your home.

impact rated windows in miami
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A Look At The Growth Trend For Impact Rated Windows

Hurricanes are a regular threat to Florida, especially areas like Miami, every year. It has been forecast that the frequency and power of these hurricanes will continue to increase. This means that the need for high impact rated windows will also increase. It’s dangerous for weak windows to be subjected to high-velocity winds. They can shatter and increase to the catastrophe by adding flying glass to the mix of wind and rain and other flying debris. These sturdy-framed, multi-pane products can save you money and ensure peace of mind in the midst of a devastating hurricane. In terms of value, impact-resistance windows account for around 10% of the market for windows and doors. Both are expected to continue to increase in the coming years due to the forecast of increased frequency and power of hurricanes in Florida. The main reason for this is their ability to mitigate storm-related damage to residential and business properties. It doesn’t help that four of the top five costliest hurricanes in US history have happened in the past 15 years. Be sure to look into Florida Engineered Glass’s impact window installation to cut down on the chance of a disaster getting even worse and costlier.


What Drives the Growth of This Product?


There are several factors which drive the growth of impact window installation, such as increasingly popular stringent statewide building codes, strong construction and population growth in the southern US, Heightened storm risk, and the array of benefits for homeowners who aren’t even in storm-prone areas. An example of these more stringent building codes are the ones introduced in 1992 following hurricane Andrew, and in 2005 following hurricane Katrina. The North Atlantic Basin is a prime area for cataclysmic weather conditions to hinder or completely halt construction work. The NOAA has predicted an increasing number of tropical cyclones and hurricanes with levels unseen since 2012’s hurricane Sandy. Not only can impact resistant window provide benefits against storms, but they can also help against burglars, provide ambient noise reduction, energy efficiency, UV light protection, and discounts to your insurance premiums.


More Info on Impact Rated Windows


Traditionally, these windows are manufactured from metal, which is thought to be more capable of withstanding physical damage in the case of high winds and wind-blown debris. Many times, manufacturers use aluminum to be in line with the strict Dade County specifications for high-velocity hurricane impact resistance without sacrificing high-value aesthetic appearance. Recently, many have been using reinforced vinyl products due to their attractiveness to homeowners which stems from their lower cost and safety. Thanks to this, the sales of plastic impact windows has been projected at an increase in market, and it’s believed that they will even surpass the sales of metal-based products by 2020.




If you are interested in getting impact rated windows for your home or business, reach out to Florida Engineered Glass Corp in Miami to get a quote for impact window installation and understand the benefits of using these windows. Don’t put your safety or the safety of your loved ones up to chance. Reach out today at start saving money and keep your peace of mind.

Hurricane impact french doors in miami
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Obtain Beautiful Glass Impact French Doors Today

Living in Miami means sunny days and beautiful weather, but it could also mean severe storms and hurricanes. Making sure your house is secure and prepared for the worst is part of the deal when you live down south, but do you have all the information you need to make the best decisions. Choosing impact windows and doors Miami could mean not having the most eye appealing choices available, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to hurricane impact french doors. Let Florida Engineered Glass Corp be your provider for beautiful impact doors.


The Beauty In Hurricane Impact French Doors

Preparing your home for a hurricane doesn’t have to mean losing out on the style you’ve come to love and admire. A lot of people think of impact windows and doors Miami and think bulky thick options that leave little room for aesthetic appeal, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can obtain beauty while also choosing doors that will withstand the forces of high winds and torrential downpours.


Impact french doors that are hurricane resistant are fantastic additions to your home. Care and consideration are put into each of the products that are installed to ensure that they get the job done when the time comes. Safety should always be a priority when you are thinking about how to keep your home and family safe, but you should not have to sacrifice any of your style.


Many times impact doors and windows will come in one style, but this is unrealistic. Not everyone has the same preference when it comes to design and just because someone needs a specific type of window they shouldn’t have to settle for the one model that is put out on the market. Hurricane resistant french doors offer an elegant appearance while ensuring your home stays safe during severe weather. There are even options to get these doors custom made to make sure they fit all your impact requirements as well as design preference.


Another benefit of impact french doors is their ability to be extremely hurricane resistant. They can withstand winds ranging from 210 to 390 miles per hour. Their beauty doesn’t take away from their ability to have the same resilience as hurricane resistant windows. They are also able to withstand blunt force trauma and not shatter. This is a crucial quality in impact doors and windows because you can never predict what type of debris will be flying around or the speed of wind that will accompany a hurricane. Choosing impact french doors provide a safe and effective way to protect your home in severe weather. They also offer endless amounts of beauty and energy-savings to your home.


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Florida Engineered Glass Corp is a 3rd generation glass company in the Miami area. We specialize in hurricane impact french doors as well as other weather resistant products. So if you’re looking for impact windows and doors Miami for your home, call or visit us today!

best hurricane windows in miami
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Important Things To Know About Hurricane Windows Are Installed

Hurricanes are an unfortunate aspect of living in the coastal state of Florida, and homeowners should be proactive and be prepared in the case of strong tropical storms or hurricanes. There are rigorous testing procedures and installation standards that most people aren’t aware of, that hurricane impact windows should meet in order to properly protect your home. Moreover, the simple fact that a window is being marketed and sold as a “hurricane impact window” does not necessarily mean it is the right type of window for your condo or house. Thus, it is in your best interest as a buyer to be informed regarding the best hurricane windows for your specific situation in order to ensure that you’re getting the value and protection your home needs. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents can trust. Call us today to hurricane-proof your home!


What To Know When Installing Hurricane Impact Windows


There are a few things you should know prior to installing hurricane impact windows in your home or condo. First of all, you should check the wind-borne debris testing. During a hurricane, every exterior opening, including windows, must be protected from wind-borne debris caused by the hurricane. Impact and pressure requirements are the two main elements of wind-borne debris testing. There are certain tests such as the large-missile debris test and small-missile debris test that you can utilize in order to test for the rating of the window, and you should also take into consideration the height of your window when conducting these tests as they have an effect on the type of window you should get. Secondly, you should look for a label on the window to check which standards it has passed. You need to take into account the geographical location of your home, as it will dictate the wind zone and exposure category of your home. This means that the location of your home also impacts the installation requirements of your windows. For example, Broward and Miami-Dade counties have the highest standards when it comes to installation as they are in a high-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ). Any window that meets the HVHZ standards are considered safe in other counties.


How To Choose the Best Hurricane Windows For You


Florida Engineered Glass Corp., who produces hurricane windows and doors Miami residents rely on, notes that you need to check for a building permit prior to installing a hurricane impact window. This is generally to the homeowner’s benefit, as building permit applicant is required to provide information such as what is being installed, the manufacturers, product approval numbers, and also often the installation instructions. The building department’s job is to make sure that the products used meet the standards of the building. Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, it’s important to pick a contractor who will install the windows properly, as the impact resistance of the windows are compromised if installed improperly.


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There are a few things you should keep in mind in order to choose the best hurricane windows for you. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. provides hurricane windows and doors Miami residents can rely on. Call us today for your hurricane-proof windows and doors!

Hurricane Season
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Do I Need Impact Doors For Hurricane Season?

Why replace something that isn’t broken? If there’s nothing wrong with your current front why bother changing it? Many Miami residents are upgrading their standard entry doors with hurricane impact front doors. Hurricanes and storms can be devasting to your home, and here in south Florida, we are often bombarded with tropical threats. The experts at Florida Engineered Glass Corp can help you find the perfect front door that will keep your beautiful home safe.


What is an Impact Door?


Impact front doors are constructed with much stronger material than an average front door. They are specifically designed to resist heavy blows from wind-borne debris. Impact doors are tested beyond Florida building codes. Imagine hurling a 9lb 2×4 building stud at the door at 35 miles per hour. An impact door won’t budge, but a standard door can’t promise it will hold up.


Benefits of Hurricane Impact Front Doors


Impact doors are created with thick, fiberglass facings with wood and composite reinforcements. They have specialized polyurethane foam cores. To top it off, they have reinforced hinges and stronger door frames. On the other hand, an average door is made with steel facings and an insulating filler, and typically their door frames are made with wood or aluminum. While this may seem safe, and it may be under normal conditions, Miami is frequently the victim of tropical storms and hurricanes that will put standard generalized construction to the test. We need doors and windows that can withstand the harshest of conditions.


That don’t mean you need to give up on visual appeal. Impact front doors will pass all Florida building codes while maintaining curb appeal. They come in a variety of styles and colors. Installing decorative glass may seem unthinkable when thinking of impact doors, but that’s not the case.  Florida Engineered Glass Corp can install decorative glass on impact rated doors as well. It is made of specialized glass that will withstand the toughest circumstances.  


Consider the consequences of trusting a standard front door during a hurricane. Whether it’s through blowing the door open or debris smashing its way through,  once an opening has been made in your house, the hurricane rain, winds, and debris could completely destroy your home and walls. Impact doors will shut soundly and won’t yield to the wind.  


Beyond the threat of storms, impact doors are known to provide safety from home intruders. The most common way an intruder enters your home is right through the front door. Criminals will attempt to break the door or handle to access the home easily. A standard construction front door may give under the persistence and force of a criminal, but impact doors prevent against this type of unwanted entry.  


Additionally, insurance companies will provide discounts or other incentives to customers who install equipment that mitigates windstorm damage. Impact front doors could save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.


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Protect your home with hurricane impact front doors. Florida Engineered Glass Corp wants to help you keep your Miami home safe this hurricane season. Call us to discuss upgrading your home today.

Hurricane Impact Windows
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Are Hurricane Impact Windows Required in Florida?

Windows may seem like an afterthought when building, designing, or remodeling a home. After all, their primary job is allowing light and air inside. However, Miami residents know that windows are not just for show, they are an essential part of the home. Not only do we need windows to keep the heat and humidity out, but they must also keep the cool air-conditioned air inside the house. More importantly, windows are a key entry-point for wind, rain, and debris during a storm, especially tropical storms and hurricanes. Unfortunately, hurricanes are a weather phenomenon Floridians are all too familiar with, and we must keep our homes safe. Florida Engineered Glass Corp can help build the specialty glass hurricane windows and doors Miami needs to protect their homes during a storm. We can meet the Florida building code for impact windows with ease.  


What are Hurricane Impact Windows?


Many consumers may assume that tempered and impact-resistant are the same, but they are not. Tempered glass is a heat-treated glass. When it breaks it typically fractures into small fragments. Due to the small size of the pieces, they are relatively harmless and present a reduced likelihood of injury to people. Tempered glass is traditionally used in places where there is a higher risk of human exposure, like bathtubs or hot tub enclosures. Impact-resistant glazing is a type of laminated glass. When impact-resistant windows break, the glass tends to stick to the plastic interlayer. This prevents wind, water, or debris from entering the home. Keep in mind that all glass other than impact-resistant window glass, even if tempered, needs to be protected during severe wind events such as tropical storms and hurricanes.


Does the Florida Building Code for Impact Windows Affect Me?


The Florida Building Code (or FBC) prescribes performance and construction requirements for exterior windows and glass doors installed in wall systems. It requires windows to be impact-resistant or protected by a shutter if the structure is located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 100 mph or greater. Furthermore, the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) section of the FBC states every exterior opening, residential or commercial, must be provided with protection by shutters or impact-resistant windows against wind-borne debris caused by hurricanes. Although not all of Florida is required to have impact-resistant windows, Miami-Dade County has the most stringent requirements in the country when it comes to rain, wind, and wind-borne debris tests. The HVHZ applies to all Miami-Dade and Broward counties, regardless of how far from the coast the building is located.  You will need to ensure the hurricane windows and doors Miami homes have will meet the Florida Building Code. Florida Engineered Glass Corp is ready to help. We have products available designed to protect your home. They are tested and approved for wind load and wind-borne debris.


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We can design the glass hurricane windows and doors Miami residents need. Florida Engineered Glass Corp will ensure your beautiful home also meets Florida building code for impact windows and doors. Call us today.

hurricane prep in miami
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Hurricane Window Prep

Hurricanes are unfortunately a common cause of disaster and damage in the coastal state of Florida. Due to our proximity to the tropics and the water, Florida is fairly prone to tropical storms and hurricanes, which can cause a significant amount of damage to your hard-earned property. An important component of hurricane prep is purchasing and installing hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact front doors. There are a variety of benefits to installing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors. The most obvious reason to purchase and install Hurricane windows and doors is safety. Hurricane are extremely destructive, and most people who live along the coast such as in this beautiful state of Florida know this. Florida Engineered Glass Corp provides hurricane impact windows and doors for Miami residents and also ship all across Florida. Call us today to secure your home!


Protecting Your Home From Hurricanes


There are many benefits when it comes to installing hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact front doors. Those who live in coastal states like Florida and have witnessed firsthand the destruction that hurricanes can leave behind can attest to this statement. When a hurricane heads your way, you don’t want to be stuck frantically trying to secure plywood around the openings around your house or storefront. This is where hurricane windows and doors come in. Florida Engineered Glass Corp offers hurricane impact doors and windows that can help provide you with peace of mind when a hurricane is coming your way towards your property. The main design of hurricane windows, also known as impact resistant windows, is shatter-resistant glass that is securely fastened to a premium built vinyl frame. Our hurricane windows consist of double layers of annealed or laminated glass bonded to a high resistance shatter proof membrane set in the center. The center layer is the key to helping secure your house from destructive wind and flying debris during a hurricane.


Impact Windows and Doors Are Key to Hurricane Prep


Florida Engineered Glass Corp provides hurricane windows and doors that can help with your peace of mind when you live in a hurricane prone area such as along the Florida coast. The center layer of our hurricane impact windows consists of an impact resistant film that can vary in thickness depending on the size of the window. Florida Engineered Glass Corp’s windows are manufactured to surpass or meet the impact requirements of standard Hurricane windows. We can also customize our glass fittings in order to produce hurricane impact french doors or screen doors. A major difference between a window with non impact resistant glass and our impact resistant glass windows is that if for some reason the outer layer does break, the broken/shattered pieces will adhere to the center layer of film rather than allowing the broken glass to fly into your home at very high speeds during a storm, which is what happens with regular windows.


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Hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact front doors are an important component of hurricane prep for those who live in storm-prone areas like Florida. Florida Engineered Glass Corp provides premium hurricane impact glass in the Miami area. Call us today to secure your property!

insulated windows in miami
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Keep Cost Down With Insulated Impact Windows

Living in Florida, especially Miami, it is almost insane to live in a home that is not equipped with hurricane proof windows. Insulated windows make sure that our homes and family are protected from outside debris and winds that can cause devastating damage. Are you aware that these windows also save you tons of money? Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we are here to ensure you are fully protected and also your wallets are not harmed. We are the best option for impact window installation.


Are These Windows Effective?

Windows that are marketed as hurricane-resistant or storm-proof are constructed with impact-resistant glass treated with a layer of polyvinyl butral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). While this impact-resistant glass will probably still shatter upon strong impact from flying objects, it generally remains attached to the inner membrane and the window frame. When they break, these windows crack in a fine, spider-web pattern rather than sending out flying shards of glass.


With an ordinary window, it can be made more resistant to shattering by adding a surface membrane that covers the window glass. This will improve the shatter-resistant quality of the window. Although, it does not have the same effect that a genuine hurricane resistant window will have. Ask our professionals about impact window installation.


Insulated Windows are Cheaper

Hurricane-resistant windows can increase your overall construction cost, but they offer excellent protection during the storm season. It works out in the end. The investment may well pay for itself by preventing storm damage, and it can also allow you to qualify for discounted homeowner’s insurance rates.


A good hurricane window, including frame and glass, will cost between $40 and $55 per square foot of glass area. Some studies have shown that by installing hurricane windows, the construction cost is increased only by a few thousand dollars on a new home. As an average, a hurricane impact door size 60 x 80 inches can cost about $1,900 while a sliding window 72 X 80 inches is around $1950. An average single-hung window costs between $500 and $600, materials only.


What Are The Advantages?

In reality, no matter what anyone says, there is no glass that is entirely break-proof. However, hurricane-resistant and storm proof windows have an enormous advantage of breaking in a manner that cracks without sending out a flying shard of glass that can potentially injure anyone in its path. Here is a list of some of the advantages:

  • Will survive winds up to 200 mph without blowing out
  • No flying shards of glass
  • Available in different styles and sizes
  • Offer excellent insulation against sound
  • Blocks 99% of transmitted UV light
  • May reduce homeowners insurance costs by as much as 45 percent.


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At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we genuinely care about the safety of your home and family. We also want to ensure that you are familiar with how to properly weatherproof your home with insulated windows. We offer the best hurricane windows and doors Miami, Florida! Our variety of impact products will keep you satisfied and your house protected.  When it comes time to prepare for the next hurricane, get a step ahead of the game and call us for a free estimate on our impact window installation.

We look forward to protecting your home.

hurricane preparation in miami
Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp.

Why Impact Windows and Doors Are A Necessity

You live in Florida. Because of that, you, your family, and your home is always at risk for a big storm hitting every summer. Living in South Florida the last few years proves that. It seemed almost every rear recently there has been a storm that has made landfall. This is precisely why hurricane preparation is vital. Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp, we are here to let you know what to use in order to keep you safe. Our answer? Impact windows and doors Miami!


Get Protection Today

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you take all precautionary measures to keep your property safe. There is a cost-effective and long-term technique where you are able to save yourself from the hassle of repairing windows and risking damaged property. This is when the installation of impact windows and doors comes into play. When you make the wise decision to incorporate these into your home, there is a long list of advantages that come with them. Your home needs impact windows and doors Miami.


The Benefits of Hurricane Preparation

  • Hurricane and Storm Protection: Let us begin with the most obvious benefit. You are safe and protected from a storm. These windows and doors are extremely strong and can withstand major weather including heavy rain and powerful winds. When you are providing a protective shield against a hurricane and storm damage, these windows and doors can cut down the price of regular repairs and will help save your home from extensive damage that can come from flying debris.


  • Corrosion-resistant: Even though the winds are the most important aspect you will face in South Florida, people who live in damp or semi-arid zones can face another challenge. They are vulnerable to salty and humid hair. This affects your air conditioning systems, and also can corrode your doors and windows. With the installation of impact protection, a home is safe from wearing away.


  • Heat and Noise Reduction: We are all aware how busy Miami can get during the summer months. There are tourist everywhere. Because of this there noise and heat can get unbearable. With these specially designed windows and doors, your home is safe from strong heat waves and loud noises. Think of it as another barrier that is difficult for waves to move through. You will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet.


  • UV Protection: UV light is an extremely dangerous source that can cause many skin-related issues, such as skin cancer. But that is not all. Their harmful rays can also cause damage to the furniture in your home, artwork, and other household items. Because the design of impact windows, they are equipped with Low E Glass Coating, window tinting, and double glazing which increased the energy efficiency and reduces the damaging effects of UV light.


  • Increased Security: Another benefit of installing hurricane windows and doors is the increased security and protection from burglars and intruders. Homeowners will have a peace of mind knowing they are more thoroughly protected by having these protective systems in place.


  • Insurance Discounts: Impact windows are some of the most significant windstorm protection systems, which have been recognized by a number of different insurance agencies. Because of this, insurance firms may offer a deduction or discount on insurance premiums. Many homeowners with impact windows also qualify for a wind mitigation insurance rebate.


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When it comes to hurricane preparation, your home needs impact windows and doors Miami. Here at Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we are here to ensure that you get the exact protection you need. Call or contact us today for more information.

weatherproof in miami
Written by Florida Engineered Glass Corp.

Bracing For Impact: Weatherproof Your Home or Business

Remember Imra? Remember how she devastated South Florida? Were you lucky enough to have your home unscathed from hurricane damage? It is doubtful. Chances are this will happen again. We do live in Florida, after all. You need to weatherproof your home with hurricane windows and doors Miami. Here at Florida Engineered Glass, we are here to help! You do not want your home to end up looking like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Hurricanes Are Nothing To Joke About

Hurricanes are among the worst types of weather phenomena. They are a natural disaster with devastating outcomes. They carry strong winds, no matter the category, that creates storm surges that can blow away roofs, break down doors, shatter windows, submerge basements, and send debris flying all over the place.


In the USA there are 18 states that are prone to hurricane destructions. Out all of them, Florida has the strictest building codes that require homes to be hurricane proof, as they should be. We have created some home improvements you can do to protect your home from a violent storm that includes installation of hurricane windows and doors Miami.


Ways to Weatherproof Your Home

  • Secure Roofing
    • As previously stated, a strong hurricane can rip your roof apart. If your home is missing a rood, then your home will be completely exposed to the elements. If the roof collapses, it might even extend the damage to the structure of the house. Florida allows only certain materials and shaped of roofs to ensure optimal load and runoff.


  • Window Shutters
    • This is the most vulnerable during a storm. Strong winds carry debris that can come crashing through the window at what seems to be lightning speed. Because of the speed, the wind can cause the glass to shatter. One way to protect our windows is to install sturdy storm shutters. Make sure once they are installed, to lock the shutters to protect all the glass panes.


  • Reinforce Doors
    • Another very vulnerable entryway to your home for a storm is the garage door. If it breaks down, storm winds can enter the home and tear the roof apart. This is when you need to replace your existing doors with storm-resistant models. Also secure your patio, porch, or lanai by replacing sliding glass doors with storm-resistant panels and thicker frames. Storm screens can also do wonders in protecting from natural forces.


  • Keep Landscape Free of Debris
    • You may have many trees on your property that surround your home. If this is the case, be sure to inspect them before the start of the next hurricane season. You can do this by trimming branches that extend toward your home and over power lines. Check for cracks in the trunk and if the tree is leading. This can help avoid the tree collapsing. Also, remove any landscaping decor that could turn into projectiles during a hurricane. This includes potted plants, rocks, gnomes, lawn furniture, gravel, and solar lamps.  


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At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we genuinely care about the safety of your home and family. We also want to ensure that you are familiar with how to properly weatherproof your home. We offer the best hurricane windows and doors Miami, Florida! Our variety of impact products will keep you satisfied and your house protected.  When it comes time to prepare for the next hurricane, get a step ahead of the game and call us for a free estimate.

We look forward to protecting your home.

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