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A Comparison Between Impact Bi-Fold, Sliding, & French Doors

When it comes to the different types of doors, impact bi-fold, sliding, and French doors all offer different pros and cons. For homeowners looking to bring more light into your home, then bi-fold, French, and sliding doors will allow natural light into your property as well as providing an improved view and more access to your patio. If you have made the decision to replace your existing glass doors, then you will need to pick the type of doors that are most suitable for your home. The three options that we are discussing are Bi-fold doors, Sliding doors, and French doors. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of bi-fold doors, sliding doors, and french doors so that you can choose the right type of impact door for your home. Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is a top provider of impact windows and doors Miami residents trust. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp today for your bifold impact doors and more!


Types of Impact Doors 


There are three main options for glass doors that we will discuss below. Firstly, there are bi-fold doors. These types of doors have multiple panes, and the panes can fold back in order to fully open up the room. Bi-fold doors are typically called glass walls or folding glass doors. Sliding doors are made out of two or more large panes of glass which slide behind each other. French doors are the most traditional patio door option, which feature two doors that open out in a way that is similar to a regular back or front door. When open, bi-folds provide uninterrupted panoramic views as they open up an entire door of your home. However, the slim frames still break your view when they are closed. Sliding doors provide widescreen views through replacing an entire wall of your home with glass, and provide perfect views even when closed. French doors offer the least expansive view, as the area of the glass is relatively small compared to the other two. Cost is another consideration- Bi-fold doors are the most expensive of the three, while sliding doors are a mid-range product that can be purchased on site rather than having to be customized or built, and French doors are the least expensive option.


Bifold Impact Doors And More


Florida Engineered Glass Corp., who provides impact windows and doors Miami residents rely on, notes that bi-fold doors are typically picked for newer builds since they provide  a more contemporary aesthetic and can be great for properties built for indoor-outdoor living. Sliding doors are also great with contemporary properties, while French doors are good for more traditional style properties such as Cape Code, Colonial, or Craftsman styles. Bi-fold doors have multiple configuration options, from one to eight or more doors, and sliding doors have more limited options, while French doors stay the same configuration as a standard or back door. 


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Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is a top provider of impact windows and doors Miami residents rely on. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your bifold impact doors and more!