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Best Impact Windows In Miami

Do you have a nagging feeling that the windows in your home won’t withstand a storm? Debris flying in your humble abode without warning, disturbing the peace of mind you deserve. Isn’t that frightening? Let’s do something about it. Replace your standard windows with the best impact windows in Miami, Florida. Put your trust in Florida Engineered Glass Corp.


An Introduction To The Best Impact Windows in Miami

The key here is a laminated glass comprised of an extraordinary silicone glaze, developed to prevent break-away from a heavy-duty frame. This glass is formed by a couple of panels fused with a second layer, known as polyvinyl butyral that is barely visible. In addition to this, one more layer made up of compressed air or gas exists to take in heat.


Since there is a chance high-speed winds could damage the window and shatter the glass on contact, the innermost layer will still keep the glass together. Metal, wood, or other foreign objects will not be able to enter your home.


Must-Have Perks For Impact Windows

When Miami residents are shopping around for different types of impact windows, they’ll do their best to consider all options. However, there are certain features that they just simply should not go without. There is also an option to select heat-reducing glass, laminated insulating glass, and high-performance low-E sections. With this in mind, you’ll have a chance to shield your furniture and drapes from the harm of daylight, while being able to reduce your energy costs, saving you money in the long run.


Why Choose Us

How do you think your home would look without hurricane shutters? With Miami impact windows, residents will no longer have any use for them. Our windows render the shutters unnecessary; they’re specifically designed, and then tested to be confirmed to shield against strong winds and any debris that may be carried along. Not to mention, they’ll deter burglars, a definite plus. If the glass cracks if something hits it, the inter-layer makes sure the entire window stays together, keeping your home and family safe.

Hurricanes in South Florida are nothing to take lightly. Preparations and precautions have to be made to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your family. You’d have to fuss over boarding up your windows. Choose to let our company assist in making your preparations easier. It’s the wisest choice to make.

With three generations of experience, our company can customize our products to fit your needs. Whether it is a residential project, a commercial endeavor, or even something privately owned, we can handle it with our special brand of expertise. We install impact and non-impact systems, glass partitions, aluminum and glass doors, sliding glass doors, storefronts, curtain walls, and retrofits.

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Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is about quality production and residential care. Our selection is the most extensive of all the top manufacturers in Miami-Dade County. We make the best impact windows in Miami available with the intent of getting you through hurricane season, and every other season after that. You heard it from us, but come and check it out first hand. For more information, contact us today!