best hurricane window protection in Miami
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Don’t Waste Money on Plywood. Get Impact Windows

If you live in Miami, FL, then you’re probably at least a little familiar with hurricane season. Even if you haven’t sat through a major storm, some of the recent scares through Florida have probably had you questioning whether you should board your windows with plywood or tape them for safety. We at Florida Engineered Glass have seen this time and time again, but don’t rely on those methods to keep you safe because there’s a good chance they won’t. The best hurricane window protection option is to install impact windows instead. We’ve helped many homeowners with impact window installation, and the truth is it’s far more effective at withstanding hurricane winds while also keeping your family safe, and that’s what is most important.


What Are Impact Windows?

Essentially, impact windows are two sheets of glass with a layer of PVB plastic between them, much like the windshield of your car. What this means is that if debris were to fly at your window, the outer layer of glass may spider crack, but the hard, PVB plastic will prevent the debris from flying completely through. These are windows designed specifically for hurricanes and are rigorously tested to ensure that they have the strength to withstand the wind and loose objects.


What’s the Best Hurricane Window Protection?

Methods of using Plywood shutters or tape to protect your windows are two options that not only aren’t effective, but can actually put you and your family in even more danger. Plywood may be able to protect your windows from small debris and more mild hurricane winds, but it won’t be able to stand up bigger category storms. Enough wind could easily pull the plywood from your home, damaging it in the process and adding to the debris which may even come around to hit your home. Tape is even worse for the same reasons. Should debris strike one of your windows, you won’t just have little shards of glass flying into your home, but now large clusters of taped-together glass shards. These may even be lethal if you or someone is caught in the path.


Impact windows, on the other hand, are designed to withstand far tougher hurricane force winds, and the sheet of PVB plastic inside the window will protect you from debris. Not only will it help prevent you from being struck by debris, but it will also prevent your window from shattering completely, which would otherwise then let in hurricane force winds into your home along with rain. Who knows how much destruction that could cause. Ideally, it’s good to pair impact windows with galvanized steel shutters to avoid paying to fix any windows that are struck.


Contact Us For Impact Window Installation

Are you convinced that impact windows are the best hurricane window protection option? There’s no time like the present to get started on replacing your windows with high-quality impact windows. Don’t wait until it’s last minute and a storm is approaching, take the initiative and contact us for your impact window installation in Miami, or to learn more about hurricane safety.