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Find Out If Awning Windows Are Right For Your Home

For many homeowners, one major hassle is not having enough air flowing through their rooms- hot steamy showers make their bathroom a sauna or the smells of last night’s dinner still settling in their kitchen. One great solution to the air flow problem in a home is awning windows, which can help keep the air in your home fresh and clean. Awning windows are hinged on top, which allows them to open outward from the bottom. This is how you can tell an awning window. This type of design is perfect for optimal ventilation without obstructing views. They are made for openings where the width is greater than the height and are typically opened through using an awning window crank mechanism. Read on to learn more about awning windows and if they are the right choice for your home! Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is a top provider of impact windows and doors Miami residents rely on. Call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today for your impact windows and doors!


Where Awning Windows Are Best Used In The Home


Awning windows are a great way to add light, ventilation, and style to several rooms in the home. Here are some of the places where awning windows can make a major impact:

  • The kitchen- No matter if you’re a gourmet chef or a microwave specialist, your kitchen will generally contain more heat and humidity than other areas of the house from the steaming, baking, and roasting. A kitchen awning window here will assist with air flow and the smells that come with preparing and enjoying your favorite dishes. This part of  the house is ideal for an awning window since it can be opened at any time of the year in any type of weather. Since it uses a crank, the awning window- which is usually situated over a sink- can be operated with ease. Moreover, awning windows can come with or without grids, allowing them to be customized for style.
  • The bathroom- An extra hot shower can really steam up your bathroom. A bathroom awning window placed strategically can assist with the  bathroom’s ventilation while retaining the privacy that you need. 
  • The living room- This makes for a great spot to add awning windows stacked above or underneath traditional double hung windows. The awning windows are able to be opened up in order to let in fresh air along with the smell of the backyard garden even when it is raining.


Awning Windows For Your Home

  • The bedroom- Florida Engineered Glass Corp., a top provider of impact windows and doors Miami residents trust, note that the bedroom is an ideal spot to place an awning window. You can listen to nature’s sounds without worrying about letting in rain or hail.
  • The basement- Purely due to their location, basements are one of the east ventilated rooms of the house. This can be assisted with through installing an awning window. Also, since basements can be rather dark, this can help let in some natural light.


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Awning windows can be a great way to add light and air to your home. For impact windows and doors Miami residents trust, call Florida Engineered Glass Corp. today!