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Need Impact Windows?

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Windows are not just aluminum and glass anymore; there are many options that will enhance the comfort level of your home as well as protect it.

Need Impact Resistant Doors?


Selecting a qualified, licensed and insured window & door specialty contractor is paramount.

We Help With Permits


The Florida Building Code stipulates that building permits are required for replacement of windows and sliding glass doors.



At FEG we make sure financing your Window & Door project is as easy and affordable as possible.


We are one of the foremost glass and glazing companies in Miami, Florida. Our experience in commercial and private structures has ensured that we are sought after for large and small projects alike.

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A Tradition Of Excellence


Florida Engineered Glass Corp. is one of the foremost glass and glazing companies in Miami, Florida, specializing in impact resistant doors and windows. Our expertise as a 3rd generation glass company focusing on commercial and private structures has led to our excellent reputation and popularity.

Our product line from national and international vendors mean we have or can get many products that you may not have even considered. Our focus on pre-construction planning allows you get the latest fenestration alternatives to consider when considering budget and aesthetics.

Our focus is always on detail, craftsmanship, planning and personal customer service.








Why Miami Homes Need Impact Windows

Building a house or building is a lot like making a good meal! You always want to have the best ingredients to make the best possible combination and end up with delicious food. In the case of building a house, you want to be able to buy the best quality products in order to put forth a quality, finished home. That being said, sometimes buying top of the line appliances and making sure it has the best possible finishes can become very expensive. As a homeowner, if you leave everything to the builders they can end up buying low quality materials just to save on their budget.This is a homeowner’s nightmare. If you paid for quality, you are looking to receive the high-quality details in your home like impact resistant doors. At Florida Engineered Glass Corp., we can help get the contractor and client on the same page. Our team will help guide both parties from the original sketch to completion of the finished product. Contractors will be able to give their clear estimates as to how much each individual piece will cost and how they will impact the total investment.  

  • One-Time Installation
    In Florida, hurricanes threaten to hit us year after year. One of the primary ways people protect their homes is by installing hurricane shutters, but these can be tiresome to put up every single. With impact glass, it’s one installation, and then you never have to hurricane-prep your windows again.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
    Did you know that impact windows can actually help you save on your electric bill? Because of their airtight seal, impact windows keep the intense Florida heat out, and your cool AC inside. This stops you from having to cool your home over and over again. Be efficient with your energy!
  • Increased Impact Protection
    Perhaps the main reason many families switch to impact resistant doors and windows is because they provide the highest level of protection from both break-ins and chaotic weather. The double layered, resin sealed glass makes penetration and shattering nearly impossible, protecting your home’s loved ones and valuables. Be afraid of burglars and storms no more!
  • Increased UV Protection
    Big, bright windows are a popular feature in many Florida houses. Regular windows, however, can let in harmful UV rays that cause photos, fabrics, and walls to fade over time. One of the added benefits of installing impact windows is that it keeps the colors of your household objects vibrant as ever!
  • Noise Reduction
    With their thick layers and airtight seal, impact windows also help reduce the level of noise from the outside world that can be heard in your home. This allows you to relax much more easily without unwanted sounds, especially if you live in a particularly noisy location.
  • Appearance
    One of the simple, underappreciated benefits of impact windows is their appearance: they look like beautiful, regular windows! No more rolling out the clunky, metal hurricane shutters. These shatter-proof windows will elegantly protect your home against impacts year-round, without sacrificing style.
  • Insurance Premium Discounts
    Many insurance companies will recognize the protective investment that impact windows are, and as a result offer reduction to your home’s insurance premiums. So impact windows will protect your home’s interior from damage for years to come and save you money on insurance. If you’re considering impact windows, call your insurance company to find out the benefits they may offer.

What It Feels Like To Have A Quality Product

At Florida Engineered Glass Corp. we only provide top of the line products that meet the high standards of the Florida building code. Whether it be an impact resistant door or a high impact window you can feel rest assured that all of the products will be built with top quality materials. Homeowners and contractors can also talk to us about how we could potentially adapt to their budget. We understand how easy it can be to stray in finances, especially if the contractor is working with a wide variety of companies. We can assure you that costs will be reduced because we don’t manufacture anything until all of the designs are fully approved. That way, neither the contractor nor the homeowner will be stuck with materials that are not useful for his or her project. The bottom line is that we know how to take care of people’s bottom line. When you work with us you have the certainty that you are working with a professional team.

Contact us

Now that you know how it can benefit you as a contractor or homeowner to work with us, why not give us a call? We specialize in manufacturing and designing impact resistant doors and hurricane-proof windows. Whether you are a contractor who was asked us to meet very specific requirements or a homeowner looking to get a quote on a couple of home renovations, we’d love to hear from you!

Have You Thought About Impact Doors for Your Business?

Impact resistant doors provide a wide variety of benefits for your business, making them well-worth the investment. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from them too. From keep out burglars and protecting against hurricanes, to saving you on your electric bill and insurance premiums, check out the many advantages of impact doors and windows for your business.

Burglar and Hurricane Protection

Perhaps the main reason many businesses switch to impact glass for their storefronts is because they provide the highest level of protection from both break-ins and chaotic weather. The double layered, resin sealed glass makes penetration and shattering nearly impossible, protecting your business’s goods and equipment. Be afraid of burglars and storms no more!

Reduces Energy Consumption

Did you know that impact glass can actually help reduce your energy consumption by 40%? For many Miami businesses, your doors are constantly opening and closing as customers walk in and out, so you want to do all you can to keep the cool air in. With their airtight seal, impact windows do just this!

Code Approved

Impact doors not only withstand most weather, they also withstand even the strictest of building codes. This is due to their resin-sealing inner layer between two thick panes of glass. This makes the door extremely hard to crack, let alone completely break.

Discount On Insurance Premium

Many insurance companies will recognize the protective investment that impact windows are, and as a result offer reduction to your business’s insurance premiums. In fact, many insurance companies have made it easier to claim insurance discounts by coming out with certain product labels and approvals to check for.

UV Protection

Many business-owners like the bright, welcoming atmosphere that comes with large glass storefronts. One of the downsides of this, however, are the penetrating UV rays that can fade photos, clothing, paintings, and more. Impact doors and windows can actually protect your goods from this UV damage!


Reduces Outside Noise

Many businesses are surrounded by other businesses. This can come with the unfortunate side effect of excessive outside noise, disturbing you and your customers. With their thick layers and airtight seal, however, impact glass can actually keep much of this noise out!


About Us

No one knows the antics of Florida weather like seasoned Floridians themselves. That’s why three generations of our family have devoted our careers to finding the solution to hectic Florida weather. Here in Miami in particular, we see hurricanes year after year, almost always getting the brunt of the storm’s wrath. So what have we found as the solution? Impact glass!

Florida Engineered Glass Corp. specializes in commercial, residential, and privately-owned projects, providing our specially engineered impact resistant doors and windows. We’ve fitted a large number of Miami homes and businesses with the protection needed to keep out debris flung about by chaotic hurricane winds, pellets of hail, and even the smash of a thief’s crowbar.

When it comes to fitting your home with the protection it needs, a lot can go into it. But it’s nothing we can’t handle. We also offer services such as fabrication and installation of storefronts, curtain walls, sliding glass doors, windows, impact and non-impact systems, glass partitions, aluminum and glass doors, retrofits and custom designed products for your needs.

Florida Engineered Glass also features and showcases the largest selection of leading manufacturers of doors and windows in all of Miami-Dade County. Our sales staff is highly trained in the window & door market, offering highly competitive door and window prices, service, and installations.

When it comes to protecting your Florida windows, trust a company that knows Florida weather. Trust Florida Engineered Glass.

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